Spring into Cloth

Spring into cloth… Yes, that’s it. But what’s it all about? 

Well we are asking for people to take a snap of every nappy change in March (or as many as you can remember) and collect them all together in a collage, putting it in a post at the end of the month. Now this is a big ask we know……… sometimes you will forget, little people go to nursery and we have busy lives, so you can mix it up, take a pic of your stack going off to nursery, your laundry pile, or hanging up your stash for that day. What we are trying to do is show the sheer volume of disposable nappies we are stopping from going to landfill each month.

Alongside this there are themed weekly photo challenges, announced at the beginning of each full week in March, for those creative people out there, or for people who want to get involved but the collage feels a bit too much to take on.

What are the prizes we hear you ask? Apart from the warm fuzzy feeling of doing your bit for the environment?… Well… we have been so overwhelmed by the response from the reusable nappy industry and we are able to offer multiple big nappy bundle prizes for the main challenge and a prize for each of the weekly challenges too. Soooo many goodies to be won! The best thing is EVERY single post which meets the requirements will count as an entry

We will post the full details of the prizes on our Instagram grid, so you can see the details and we have some sneak peaks in our highlights too.

***Prizes may increase if any more sponsors come onboard***

OK, OK… Why reusable nappies? Well they are better for your wallet, your little person and the environment. Here’s some fact to get you thinking –

😭Single use disposables take up to 500 years to decompose.

💚Choosing reusable over single use disposable can halve an average households waste.

💚Reusable save a family on average £200 – £500 per child.

😭 A lot of disposables contain harsh chemicals which are bad for a baby’s skin.

😭 Disposables are often not thrown away properly (I.e the poo is left in them) contributing to greenhouse gases and global warming.

People sometimes think it is all or nothing with reusable nappies, but that just isn’t true. You can start off with just a few. Every time you use one it saves a single use from landfill. So if you just used 1 per day until your baby was potty trained (let’s say 2.5 years). That would be approx 912 nappies saved from landfill. How fab is that? 

Being more eco friendly is not about being perfect, it’s about trying and doing the best you can… Little steps still help you complete your journey. So if you haven’t tried them yet, why not give them a go, or try reusable wipes, either way, every change you make is helping make a better planet for your little people.

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